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Flat Pink CD4000 Pink Noise for Audio System Setup

Flat Pink CD4000 Pink Noise for Audio System Setup

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For Studio Engineers: Perfect to provide a flat repsonse measurement to monitors and gear
For Audiophiles: Tweak your room for optimal listening enjoyment.

Flat Pink CD4000 is one of the most useful audio tools ever produced. This useful disc provides the user with 72 continuous minutes of pink noise recorded at -14dB bdp* for 0 V.U. reference operating Level. (Level set using 1 kHz sine wave reference) Ideal response is better than 20 Hz to 20 kHz 0.3 dB. Flat Pink CD4000 is an essential tool for audio/video engineers, audiophiles and design professionals. It is very useful for acoustic applications, such as loudspeaker testing, since pink noise has a flat spectrum when viewed on a third-octave spectrum analyzer, or any constant percentage bandwidth analyzer (an analyzer whose bandwidth is a constant percentage of the center frequency of the filter). Utilize this product with a real-time analyzer or dual-trace oscilloscope to measure audio frequency response.

Definition of Pink Noise: A random noise signal that has been filtered so its spectral density is shaped to drop by 3 dB per octave, thus giving it a constant spectral density per octave or third-octave band.

USING PINK NOISE: To properly measure the frequency response of speakers in a room requires a calibrated microphone*, a voltmeter with a decibel readout and a pink noise signal source such as FLAT PINK CD4000. The hardware to perform these tests may be purchased individually or as part of a complete kit. All-in-one units are available that combine these components into a single package, making the measurements fairly easy to perform. The microphone doesn’t have to be perfectly flat, as long as you know what its response really is and compinsate for the deviation when recording your measurements. Finally, there are also software programs available that work with your PC’s sound card to measure the room response. There are many methods of adjusting a room for the best possible sound these include graphic equalizers,acoustic treatment, choice and position of furniture and of course the careful placement of loudspeakers.