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Ultra Burn-in CD3000 Stereo and Surround Sound Burn-in CD

Ultra Burn-in CD3000 Stereo and Surround Sound Burn-in CD

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For Studio Engineers: Perfect for burning professional audio systems, studio equipment, stereos and surround gear.

For Audiophiles: Burn-in your speakers and components for more defined, detailed playback.

Ultra Burn-in CD3000 is now regarded as one of the finest burn-in discs available.

By means of a uniquely diverse combination of complex composite audio signals, Ultra Burn-in CD3000 "burns-in" audio system components. Virtually all components benefit from electro-mechanical burn-in. Using a dedicated disc for this purpose provides maximum uniform burn-in for all of your components, as well as interconnect and loudspeaker cables. Simply load this disc into your CD player, lower the volume, select either track one "Audio Burn-in" or track two "DTS 5.1 Surround Burn-in", set the loop button on your CD player and press play.

This disc is NOT suitable for phono line level inputs or MIC inputs. Full instructions included on insert.